Friday, May 1, 2009

Round II of the Bilderberger Brew aka Swine Flu

Dragging butt today and yesterday-wasn't sure WHY until I realized that I have not drank my Enerfood drink for 3 days, duh. I will be drinking it today for sure as I can really tell when I don't have it - soo tired. Anyhoo...

Okay, let's see, I am starting to think that this may blow over for a SHORT TIME but you see they now have everything in place. Anon poster called it right - wanted to see which way the wind was blowing. I have to go back to what Napolitano stated at the beginning of the week that there will be another virus, worse than this one. Seems like a whole lotta hoopla for not many deaths so far. Yet, at the same time Mexico is down playing the flu there, our confirmed cases (140) are increasing and affect 19 states. And, notice how the borders remain open and then the government does not want border agents to where masks unless they are in direct contact with someone that is sick. Doesn't that seem a little strange to most of you? If I was an agent, I would want to wear a mask the whole time I was on the job. Shouldn't the government be more worried about the safety of the agents as opposed to whether or not they hurt anyone's feelings?
**The vaccine and Tamiflu will make the next released biobug much worse** This virus is now breeding in the population so watch closely for Round II of the Bilderberger Brew!

And if you notice in this article how the term has suddenly switched from "pandemic" to "scare?" Seems as though they are switching gears a little now in their linguistic descriptions. We shall see - I just hope that we have a little more time to prepare.

I want you all to notice as well that even mainstream media has been talking about Martial Law, quarantine camps and forced inoculations. Preparing everyone???

What I am afraid of is that this virus will recombine (change) now that it is out there and meanwhile they will start soon to push their vaccine and begin inoculating people around the world and if effect make this more deadly. That is my gut talking, but that may buy us a little time, though of us that are not stupid enough to fall for it. They most likely will not make it a mandatory vaccine at first - they will sucker many millions in though and that may set the stage for a real pandemic.

All the while, the economy is falling off the cliff.

This truly may end up being the Summer of Hell.

Update as crap happens...

This is a good one for ya'all - yep - really not real happy about Northcom at all:
Will NorthCom take over in swine flu - link

Now we are talkin...
Guns bought this year could outfit 2 armies - link

Email from a trucker -link

Lucifer's rebellion gains momentum - link

Obama trying to ban illicit firearms. Could BB guns be next - link
- lest forget what is going on in the real world-

the international forecaster - link

Ammunition Accountability Act 04-29-09 -link to PDF
**Yeah, well here we gooooooo...

And how do you like this headine - surrounded by others about chrysler falling - they must think we are totally stupid
U.S. confidence rising as economic gloom abates

meanwhile they carry out their bullshit flu takeover:
Two Indianapolis schools close due to flu - link

Then we have this little jewel - quarantine for 7 days! Can anyone say police state takeover everywhere:
Hong Kong seals off hotel where H1N1 flu found - link


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