Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hopefully Helpful Links and Info Regarding Swine Flu

Many of you out there are confused on what you need, now I certainly do not know everything and I am neither a doctor nor an herbalist, but here goes it anyhoo...

Oil of Oregano - we ordered ours about 2 weeks ago from beforeitstoolate.us. This site is Kurt Wilson's site and he is the armchairsurvivalist - check his radio show out on oracle broadcasting - very good info. This stuff is STRONG and will burn if not diluted - follow all directions that come with it. You will need to dilute it out with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - so I recommend that you order the one that comes with a glass dropper bottle. This costs $23.00 including the dropper bottle. Cheap if it means saving your life! You should also plan on adding in some type of probiotic as it may kill off some beneficial bacteria as well. Do not take if pregnant or nursing!

Kurt also recommends taking Ultimate Immune Booster (we will be ordering this tomorrow) - this supplement has garlic, oil of oregano, elderberry and olive leaf extract. 60 softgels for $15.00.

You should also have gas masks for you and your family - seems like they run around $15.00 to $20.00 each. Check out army surplus stores in your area - that is where we got ours. If you don't have one, then order one on the net. Bullseye has them on his site for you to check out as well as other great prepping things!

You must carry hand sanitizer with you at all times and use it often!

We also have Air Aid Emergency Masks - these are similar to N95 masks, but I thought they were much better due to the fact that they have carbon in them. We ordered ours from stevequayle.com. They were $4.95 each and we ordered ours about 2 months ago when Baxter "accidentally" sent out live virus to be mixed in with flu vaccines - uh huh - I knew right then they were planning this!

You must have a minimum of 3 months worth of storable food - does not require refrigeration - on hand. You will need to have water stored for drinking, cooking and bathing etc - check out the other blogs for information on ways to store water. Will need other supplies too such as hygiene products and toilet paper etc. What you need to understand is that the orders are now in place to declare Martial Law and when this happens, all transit will cease - this means no stores will be stocked - EMPTY SHELVES! Get now what you will need for the next 3 months. With this set of circumstances and Martial Law imminent, they may announce a miraculous vaccine soon and then you will be forced to take it - it will be a felony if you refuse. By refusal, you could be shot or you could be taken to one of those FEMA CAMPS that don't exist and held there, labeled as an enemy combatant or WORSE. This is deadly serious people - this is why we became PREPPERS and if you are new to this - it is almost too late, but not yet if you take all the money you can get your hands on and shop NOW - not in 2 weeks NOW! The time is running out - the CDC may increase to a level 5 in the next day or two - then all bets are off!

You must have 2nd amendment items too! You will need to defend your family and your home from looters who for lack of preparing find themselves hungry.

This virus is out in the populace now and may be going through some changes at the DNA level making either fizzle out and go away or making it much more virulent and easily spread - time will tell. The government is hyping the heck out of this "pandemic" it seems - the standard flu kills more than this during any given flu season, but for whatever reason they seem to be slamming the panic button - this makes me uncomfortable as all get out! Watch closely! Great distraction though isn't it - never said they weren't smart, evil as hell, but smart - guided by an other-worldy power named Lucifer I suspect!

God Be With Us All



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