Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Natural Anti Viral

Got this article from Maine Preppers Network

Again, with more flu preparedness.... there are now three confirmed cases in Maine. Two in Kennebec County and one in York County. Expect more. If you are sick for Gods sake STAY HOME!!!!! If you are not sick you want to do everything you can to stay that way. While there is only one confirmed death in the US (as of this morning) there is no use taking chances when you dont have to. AND WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!! this cant be repeated enough. Stick a bandaid on the end of a finger on each hand as a reminder to NOT touch your face.

In that vein I did a quick google search on natural anti virals. Olive leaf extract was what popped up first. I had been taking this as a supplement but stopped about three months ago. I am getting some TODAY.


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