Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu Alert 04-29-09

WHO has raised the threat level to 5. The lockdown begins.

*Can lockdown any/all cities, mass innoculations, round ups and arrests.*

Swine Flu=Bilderberger Brew!

Breaking news: Stating that there may be 2 deaths in California from the swine flu (more as I get it).

Also WHO is going to raise the alert level to 5.

Notice how they keep stating "more will die" from the swine flu? Uh huh. The fear factor is gearing up for total panic.

Illinois has 9 probable cases now.

Now, Pentagon has confirmed a marine has Swine Flu.

Alert: An email was sent around to staff at Ft Knox stating that due to the Swine Flu Pandemic -
the base may be locked down. If I could open the dern letter/email I would post if for you all but I cannot get it to open in our email. If someone knows how to do this - contact me at
and I will forward it to you. HELP...

Alex Jones and Steve Quayle on Coast2coast concerning the Swine Flu - link

Swine Flu - 1st death in U.S. - link
Homeland Security issues alert on mandatory quarantine procedures - link

How fast could a swine flu vaccine be produced - link

WHO says no sign flu outbreak slowing - link

Fed says U.S. recession appears to be easing - link

Are they total freaking nut jobs or what?

U.S. vaccine supply could be limited in flu pandemic - link

WHO says swine flu moving closer to pandemic - link

Jeez loueez - talk about "hype" and they will be having a press conference at 4 pm

More later...

From the CDC - 91 confirmed cases in the U.S. and they are feverishly working on a vaccine for all of us - yahoooo.

Thoughts: Since this virus is so obviously laboratory-made (bioweapon) - who are "they" going to say did this? Are they going to blame someone like Iran, Russia or China for this?? Watch closely.

Listening to Obama giving his town hall meeting in Missouri - I suddenly feel a rumbling in my guts! He is so totally full of shit - he is here for us - give me a break! He acts all upset by jobs going overseas yet he expands NAFTA. He will soon spend more than all the presidents in history yet he plans on balancing the budget?? How is that going to work? He also spends $350,000 on a fly over NY photo op. Uh huh - yeah. Oh yeah, I am going to vomit now - he makes me ill as he stands up there in all his narcissistic glory and touts everything he has done for Americans - lies, all lies all the while he knows full well that they are gearing up for a total take over. I also have to wonder why it is that the GDP figures came in dismally for this 1st quarter of 2009 and yet the DJIA is going up??????? Nice job PPT today.

Oh, by the way, if one more census worker comes to our house... Had another one today and as I stood in the driveway and watched her, she decided to come up to me and hand me a paper regarding the census and to let me know oh-so-sweetly that she was not here to spy on me. Yes, her words, I just said "uh huh." This is the 5th incident with those dam census assholes in a week and half. They have our GPS already and they also already know that hubster does live here - so get the heck off of it already before I bring Bertha out - they are so totally pissing me off in their obviousness. I KNOW already that he is a target and we will stand firm and hold our front line in Indiana. The so called pre-census takers are spies and are setting into motion the assassinations of veterans and gun owners. BE AWARE!

Ernie's Thoughts - If Anyone Cares
I want to makes a few things crystal clear to everyone out there. I am not that concerned about getting the Swine Flu although I am a smoker and I do have Chronic Lyme Disease (a special thanks to Plum Island for that one). but I am not stupid enough not to have some natural antivirals on hand as well as masks and so forth. WHAT I am concerned about, in fact down right pissed off about, is the hyping of this thing and the very fact that they have released this as their cover-up of what is really going and what is about to happen. This is a man-made virus and did not and cannot occur naturally. This is their way to hide the truth that the economy is now off of life support with the GDP down and China dumping dollars right and left. Then take into account that much of Europe is banning imports from the U.S. and Mexico - they are starting to kill off pigs around the world - link to article - so now we will soon have a shortage of food - oh boy. Oh, wait, we can eat their GMO crops - yeah that will save us. They are making us the pariah of the world (check out Revelations for this one). Then they are going to pass the treaty with Mexico in which Obama told Calderon a couple weeks ago that we will abide by this - that will BAN ALL OF YOUR GUNS. This is up for vote NOW. Also, they are working on passing the whole carbon, go- green bull shit to tax the hell out of us and make us all pay them for the privilege of being alive. Then, not done yet, follow the money - who stands to gain from this dam virus? Who will be making the vaccine? Who owns lots of stock in Tamiflu? This is nothing other than their way of bringing in full Martial Law people to strip more of our rights, cause riots, hunger, death - trashing this country. They will push us toward mandatory vaccines - to spread death even further. They are taking us down the road to chaos and it is happening NOW. They will make money on the deaths of millions around the world. Texas is declaring a state of health emergency today - this is bringing in Martial Law and this is only the start. The WHO is close to raising the pandemic level up to 5 and this is miltary rule and forced quaratines and forced vaccines. The White House is not in control at this point in time, that is why Obama does not say much about it - we are under the control of the United Nations under the SPP - the Security and Prosperity Partnership. If you think the UN is good, you better freaking think again and google their biodiversity studies say which call for depopulation of the world. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE - it is not your knight in shining medicine to save you - IT WILL KILL YOU AND CAUSE THIS VIRUS TO SPREAD EVEN FURTHER! This whole dam thing is to bring about control - to usher in the police state. Watch for an increase of chem trails too all - their are markers and other goodies - maybe even the virus - in them. Their is also information that there is also insect DNA in this dumbass virus too - check out Dr. Horowitz.

This is a test of the police state system. This is their way of seeing how well they did in class as teachers and how well we do. I plan on getting a F. Do not be scared - be pissed off.


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