Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu News 04-27-09

Oils to Avoid the Plague - link to recipe

Is a real armageddon strain brewing in Mexico - link


If you found this link by searching for swine flu information - you have come to the right place for the real news. Our news is slanted towards preparedness - this is one of the reasons that we became "preppers." We could see that our government was in fact not out to protect us but rather to control us and everything we day or do. Our government, as hard as this is to believe, does not want to help us. This "event" is nothing more than a planned release of a possibly race specific bioweapon in order to bring down Mexico and also to allow this virus to recombine in the environment to become even more deadly to more species in the near future. This has been released to bring the economy to its knees and to usher in a total police state and to fulfill a eugenics war. Is this the pestilence referred to in Revelation? I believe that it is, so beware - this is just the beginning.

All that being stated, now on to business. You need to prepare NOW for yourself and your family by stocking up on food - check the prepper sites on the right and search them for what you will need. Storable foods, water, protection - do it now while you have time before everything is shut down.


Anonymous,  April 28, 2009 at 8:53 AM  

Your hat is on too tight buddy, loosen the strap a bit.

American Prepper April 28, 2009 at 4:51 PM  

Anon 8:53: I will never understand critics...That's what they told us when we warned about colony collapse disease with the bee colonies, 6 months later, main stream media covers it...That's what they told us when we've warned for years and years about the Federal Reserve, The International banking system and the coming economic collapse and now people are finally starting to wake up!....That's what they told us for years when we warned about the NWO, now Obama and other World leaders are openly talking about it like it's a good thing, no longer a Conspiracy theory, but now Conspiracy fact...Well, we will keep warning and warning, but when SHTF: "THE WELL PREPARED ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO ENDANGER THEIR OWN SURVIVAL TO ASSIST THOSE WHO HAVE REFUSED, FOR WHATEVER REASONS, TO PROVIDE FOR THEIR OWN WELFARE! POOR PLANNING BY YOU DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY ON OUR PART!"

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