Monday, April 27, 2009

Swin Flu News Update for 04-27-09

Got this Article from Ernie at Indiana Preppers Network

On Alex Jones at Infowars today, Steve Quayle and Dr. Bill Deagle both stated that this is "The Big One." This is the precursor to a very great pandemic that will dwarf the Spanish Flu of 1918. This next wave could be days, weeks or months before it starts - who knows. I also want to point out that the large pharmaceutical company that sent live bird virus to be mixed in the annual flu vaccines around the world "by accident" is now the company that is entrusted to formulate a vaccine for this latest flu - BAXTER. Do you trust them for anything? I think not. Many emergency powers have now been set in motion such as Bioshield and now the "machinery" is the works for martial law to be declared. If this goes to a full pandemic and martial law is declared, they will force everyone to take vaccines - it will be a felony if you do not. They can use the already existing camps as quarantine centers and also will be able to take you there for vaccines. You may be declared an enemy combatant if you do not comply with vaccination protocols. Heads up folks - it begins. Steve Quayle stated that it may begin to be very "nasty" by as early as Thursday of this week and with the media fear-mongering and propaganda I tend to agree that this is progressing rapidly. Why would the WHO and the CDC be acting so aggressively for a virus that has not killed as many as a normal flu virus does as it runs its course if they did not know something else? If this is so bad, then why are the borders not sealed? Why are not all flights from Mexico cancelled? Good questions eh? Seems like they want this to spread. In addition to Bioshield, one other notable act that has been activated is the MEPA or Model State Emergency Health Powers Act is up and running.

Pandemic alert level has been raised to 4 - link.

Off topic, but is Obama a real jerk or what? Do a fly over over New York? What an idiot. LINK

Just in - CDC announcing possible case in Michigan now.

WHO confirms 40 cases in the U.S.

As of 12:23 p.m. today, the WHO is in an emergency meeting on the Swine Flu/ Something fishy this way comes...

Swine Flu death toll exceeds 100 as pandemic fears grow - link

Is Swine Flu a Biological Weapon? - link

Americans told to wear masks as swine flu spreads around the globe - link

Obama: swine flu not a eason for alarm - link

E.U. health chief: Don't travel to Mexico or U.S. - link

Swind flu: 5 things you need to know about the outbreak - link

Baxter to develop swine flu vaccine despite bird flu scandal - link

Seems to me that while perusing the news this morning that this is spreading around the globe. Now it seems as though there are cases in Canada, France, Israel, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Spain.

You need to be getting some medical supplies such as Oil of Oregano - *DO NOT TAKE WHILE PREGNANT OR NURSING* and Sambucol (Black Elderberry).

Bioshield now in affect.

Swine flu outbreak dampens economy hopes, markets - link

*see, here we go...

More news as becomes available.

Thanks Ernie for the post!

Dont forget your Colloidal Silver
And Gas Mask


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